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40 days
of kundalini rising presents

essential tools

of practice

a journey of 40 days throughout the foundational practices
and core themes of kundalini yoga

Do you want to discover your inner strength?
Do you want to feel the energy flowing through your body?
Do you want to learn how to set up a daily practice?
Do you want to learn how you can come to yourself every day with simple tools?Do you want to feel the kundalini rising in you?

then this journey
is for you!

How wonderful is it when you connect with yourself, release tension from your body and make contact with your deeper essence? How wonderful does it feel when you are full of energy and can give the best of yourself? How powerful do you feel when you know what you really want and feel enough energy and inspiration to actually get there?


We all know how it feels when the energy is 'off'. Yet we don't always know what we can do to get the energy back on. We get stuck in a downward spiral and fail to turn that feeling around.


However, it is not very difficult to make the shift, you just need to know how. When the energy starts flowing again, inspiration and motivation come naturally and solutions for blockages present themselves.

about this
40 days


In this 6 week intensive I will take you into the power of kundalini yoga. Using various yogasets and meditations, I teach you how to connect with your body on a daily basis and how to calm your mind. I also teach you what kundalini yoga is, how it works, and how to build up a daily practice that is easily attainable for you.


Each week starts with a new practice that we practice together during the sadhana. The sadhana sessions are live-streamed daily on zoom from monday to friday from 6am to 7 am. These sessions are recorded and can be viewed afterwards via the watch page.


Subsequently we do an in-depth session on the theme of that week. Here we dive deeply into the teachings of kundalini yoga and you get to learn what this amazing technology is all about! You can follow these sessions live on zoom or watch the replay afterwards.


This 40 days will gradually build up your energy and will give you the necessary tools to set up your practice or deepen your existing practice. You will also release the kundalini energy, calm your mind and clear blockages in your system.


This training is both for new and advanced practitioners.

New practitioners are guided to build up their practice and advanced practicioners will be challenged to deepen their practice.

are you intrigued by 
kundalini yoga?

do you want to learn how
to set up a daily practice?

do you want to learn more 
on kundalini yoga and how this technology works?

do you want to have a
deep experience of morning sadhana

do you want to experience how the kundalini energy awakens you?

your guides


I am Lauren Grusenmeyer and I am really looking forward to take you on this 6 week journey. Kundalini yoga has changed my life and awakened an inner strength in me that I didn't know existed. That alongside transformational coaching has given me the tools to keep my calm in any storm. And that is a super power I would like to share this superpower with you. Because I firmly believe you can awaken that too in yourself!

There is no better time to build up a deep spiritual practice. As the time is demanding a lot of us, we need tools to keep our bodies vital and calm our minds. Now is the perfect time to dive deep into practice and learn how to empower yourself on a daily basis. You don't need anything from the outside, everything is inside you, you just need to know how to reach it!


sara de neve

A few years ago Sara came into contact with kundalini yoga and she took an immediate plunge onto this path. She went to study with Guru Jagat and ever since has a strong daily practice that has given her strength and clarity. She assists Lauren in managing the studio and teaches the sadhanas of the 40 days online practices.

Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 09.50.44.png

leen piquer

Leen Piqueur is a mama of 3 boys raising her kids by homeschooling them in Portugal. She is devoted kundalini yoga practitioner and teacher, studies human design, is a plant based cook, a devout householder and a writer illustrator. Leen believes in keeping her frequency elevated and sees it as her mission to share all that she learns.

the details

40 days to kundalini rising - essential tools of practice is a 6 week journey through the foundational teachings of kundalini yoga where you gradually awaken the kundalini energy in your body. Every morning of the week there is sadhana from 6 am to 7 am. And every Monday evening from 20:30 pm to 21:30 pm there is a live session around one of the 6 themes we work on. We kick off the 40 days with an opening workshop on 11.11 from 11 to 12.30 am. All sessions will be available on replay on a watch page.

This training kicks off November 11 and goes on until December 21, 2022. The 11th of November is an important portal day which activates prosperity in all areas of your life. The 21st of December is Winter Solstice and is one of the most important days of the year to practice. In this training we take the momentum of both these days - which are 40 days apart - to propel our elevation forward. 

This training can be followed online and - if we have enough participants - in the studio. All sessions will available via replay up to 6 months after the course. After your registration you will get access to a watch page where the replays of all sessions come together. The sessions themselves can be followed via zoom or in the studio.
This training is for both beginners and advanced. Beginners will be introduced to kundalini yoga and learn how to build a daily practice. Advanced practitioners will have the opportunity to deepen and enrich their practice and will deepen their knowledge about kundalini yoga.
For earlybirds we offer a nice discount until November 1. If you feel the call jump on and save a good percentage! If you want to deepen this journey you can also book 2 transformational coaching sessions with Lauren. This gives you an opportunity to dive deep into your personal process and shift even more rapidly and deeper. 


0. Commitment creates character

1. Raise your energy
2. Clear your subconcious

3. Strengthen the nervous system

4. Awaken the kundal

5. Vibrate the kosmos

6. Connect to infinity


a small

  • A 6 week journey through the foundational practices of kundalini yoga.

  • Daily sadhana from 6 to 7am.

  • A weekly deep dive around a foundational teachings of kundalini yoga.

  • 6 months access to the watch page of the course.

  • Deep dive in the teachings and technology of kundalini yoga both through experience and understanding.

  • Bootcamp energy that lifts you to a new level.

  • The experience of practice in community.

  • A profound and fulfilling experience that you will carry with you further.

Experiences of others

When I read the offer I thought, go for it!
This will give you a good reason to sit on your mat daily... And indeed. The course brought me closer to myself, gave me energy and empowered me. I now handle things very differently. You make the commitment to your inner self so strong that you yearn to return to your mat every day.”

your investment


244 euro

Including daily sadhana from ma-fr, 7 in depth sessions, replays on the watch page!


433 euro

The whole course - daily sadhana from ma-fr,
7 in depth sessions, replays on the watch page
 - and 2 transformational coaching sessions with Lauren


‘Kundalini Yoga is uncoiling yourself to find your potential and your vitality and to reach for your virtues. There is nothing from outside. All is in you.

You are the storehouse of your totality.’ –Yogi Bahjan

'We are going to be raising our kundalini so that we can move some of these blockages, some of the things that are clouding our true creative impact, our true creative power, so that basically we get above the clouds. We get above the clouds and we get to see the truth of the matter, which is, the sun is always shining up there. The power is always available to you.'
— Guru Jagat

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