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19—20 Augustus 2023

Household Practice Gent


we are very excited to invite you to the first edition

of the Household Practice Summer Fest

A journey into the shared roots of  tantra and yoga

Join us for this epic two day summer fest Tantric Roots at the expanded version of the Household Practice studio in Ghent. We will dive deep into the roots of tantra and explore the connection between yoga and the mystical, ancient teachings of tantra with a jam-packed programme of amazing workshop facilitators.


We aim to give a stimulating experience in surrender, embodiment and connection with infinity. This from both the male and female polarity. This festival will be vibrant exploration of yoga and tantra with deepening, stimulating and challenging workshops in the field of kundalini yoga, tantric practices, women circles, sound journeys, mantra sessions, gong baths and ecstatic dance!



Workshop Facilitators


Kundalini Workshop:

Love is a Practice


Mantra concert by The Sat Nam Sessions:

Sonic Immersion into

Super Consciousness


Robert Ehrenbrand

Father. Husband. Yogi. Martial Artist. Business Psychologist. Coach & Trainer. Musician. Robert unites all of these incarnations in order to help others transform & unfold their inner potential. Movement, dynamic breathing, meditation, yoga have been his main areas of interest ever since he was a teenager. His interest in martial arts & spiritual life goes back even further to when he was around 7 years old. His passion is to guide and support human beings on the journey to get their physical, mental & emotional bodies aligned for a re-connection with the very process of their lives. Robert calls this reconnection BECOMINGME YOGA. Enter the journey back to yourself!



Mitali Chatterjee

Mitali is a mama, wife, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, singer of The Sat Nam Sessions & a Holistic Mentor. Growing up in an artistic environment Mitali always immersed herself in music, dance, yogic living and Indian culture through her heritage, organically leading her to teaching Kundalini Yoga & Mediation as well as offering mantra music sessions. Mitali's journey through this life has deeply shaped her belief in the power of alternative healing tools including breathwork, mantra, meditation, conscious communication, akashic record sessions, having an open heart, and listening to the whispers of the soul.



Trijn Amrita


DJ Trijn Amrita offers a range of styles with influences from different shamanic cultures, mixed with live instruments, voice and percussion. As initiator and host of Goddess Temple Antwerp, the sacred aspect always plays an important role in her sets, allowing transformation to take place through divine evocations and shamanic spirit. Playfulness, sadness, letting go, ecstasy, everything is welcome in this field of transformation, to land in the great now. Open your vessel for spirit and enjoy the flow of this shamanic journey! 


Tantric Workshop:

Rising in Love - festival edition


Geoffrey François
Inner Azure

As a body-psychotherapist, he gives individual sessions using the method of Jagaana, conscious breathing. He offers workshops of Active meditations in which breathing, dance and movement are very present. As a tantric practitioner he is very passionate about the deconditioning of sexuality. 

He loves to hold space and propose a safe frame, in which you can feel free to express whatever appears in the moment, and you can truly be yourself.

Eva Van Leuven

Awakening Magic

Her deep passion is to remember our true connection to all that is. Her pathway to freedom moves through the field of body, intimacy and voice.  She offers individual sessions of Voice work and Soundhealing on a Feeltone Soundbed. She also offers Women's programs, Song Circles and Soundhealings. And she has created Voiceful Yoga, in which she combines the practice of Yoga with Voice work. 


Her melting pot consists of Celtic Shamanism/Druïdism, Tantra, Taoïsm, Magie van Vrouwelijke Seksualiteit, het Vallei Orgasme, ISTA, the power of Women’s circles, rituals and ceremonies. In the wonderful world of the voice,  she has experience in Adem-Stem, Feldenkrais, Voice Liberation, Indian Dhrupad singing and Overtone singing.

Together they bring Rising in Love, a Tantric program which is a mix of both their worlds, inspired by Skydancing Tantra and High sex of Margot Anand. Offering both the space to process and expand boundaries and to deepen the love and life force from within. 


Rising the life force energy, rooted in the pelvis, radiant in the heart. Landing into the sweet mystery of yourself and one another. Creating more space for both shiva and shakti energies to lift you up.

Tantric Workshop:

Humita Premmiela
The Energetics of Lovemaking

Humita Premmiela (1).jpg

Humita Premmiela is a passionate, free-spirited woman with Indian roots who left a 13-year relationship and a million-dollar job to embrace her feminine radiance. She has traveled to many different countries to re-educate, studied with the best international teachers in the world and magnificent gurus. She became a qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Sexuality & Tantric Therapist, Public speaker, Mentor and much more. The Art of Sensuality, born from her own inner transformation, aims to help women find true freedom, wildness, ease, and flow within themselves. Her passion and life's work revolve around sisterhood, helping women understand their strength and blossom into their juiciest selves.


Susan Tanghe



Susan Tanghe studeerde energiewerk aan de wakeup academy (volgens de methode van Barbara Brennan).  De psychospirituele ontwikkeling, de chakraleer, de healingtechnieken vormen de basis van waaruit ze aan de slag gaat met yoga, lichaamswerk en vrouwenwerk.  De rode draad door het werk is de focus op veiligheid, zachtheid en vertraging op alle niveaus. Want het is enkel in deze veiligheid dat we kunnen zakken in het leven zoals het voor ons bedoeld is.


Katrien has been giving workshops in bodywork for women for several years. Her favorite themes are self love and safety for your body.  She helps you sink completely into your body and embrace it in full love and purity. She gives you practical tools so that you can also use these practices at home and live from your strenght. Katrien is facilitator for the workshop ‘More love for your body’. This workshop is all about restoring the connection with your body. By experiencing you will feel how it can be. Or maybe the workshop is just a good reminder to relax, to rest, to take a moment for yourself and to connect with other woman. We can’t think our way to self love, you will have to include your body.

Katrien Lyppens







The mantraband ‘Harimandir’ is a close group of friends lead by Harmanderpal and supported by two amazing drum players Mario and Maarten. As a band they share their love for mantra with all people, big and small. Singing mantras was how Liselotte once found her way to find kundalini yoga. Encouraged by the enthusiasm and support of many people she started singing her way through the ups and downs of life. For Harimandir singing is liberating, freeing and comforting. It is their way to find deeper connection. Immerse yourself in the warmth of their vibration.

Provisional timetable


Get your tickets













This day pass is for kids from 8 years until 16 years old on who would like to join their parents. However it is important to mention, there will be no specific animation for children.


1. Can I pay per workshop? No, we only sell daytickets. This is because we are providing an experience and we hope you dive in and get to expand your horizon beyond what you already know. So, join in for the ride, do some unexpected things, be surprised and open you heart to the magic!

2. Do I have to be there at 05:30? The aquarian sadhana starts at 05:30 but you don’t have to be there if that is not your thing. You can come in and go as you please. The first workshop starts at 09:00 and we finish by 22:00. That being said, meditating that early in the morning is blissful beyond words!

3. Is the festival in Dutch or English? The festival is in both languages since we have some international guest teachers and some local ones! However, the main language will be English!

4. Does the ticket include food? No, it does not. However our Household barista Ruben will have the café open during the festival and we are providing take away meals and drinks for the duration of the festival. Think high vibe, vegetarian food such as wraps, bowls, power balls, oats and more!

5. Do I need to bring materials? If you don’t own a yoga mat we have enough materials here on site. However if you do have one, it would be good to bring it!

6. Where can I park? If you come by car we suggest you park on the Groendreef (the water close by, ticket needed) or on the other side of the ring (Rooigemlaan, ticket not needed) outside the center. If you come by bike we will have a bicycle storage just outside our venue on the street. Please do not park your bike in our little street!

7. Will there be shade and do I need sunscreen? Yes and yes! As you may have seen it will be pretty hot during the festival. In our opinion that is the perfect weather for our theme :) You will be practicing outside but we do have plenty of shade!


Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life, and through this love remembering our essence, the divine; Tantra is a life path.

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