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a 6 week class series sharing

the legacy and teachings of Guru Jagat

‘Let the past die and let prosperity live.
Let you die and your power live.’

Guru Jagat has been my first and most influential kundalini yoga teacher on my path. To me, and many others, she was a mentor, a constant source of inspiration, a guiding light, an example of how to live an exalted life and a true blessing. 

Now that she has left her physical body, she is leaving us a vast and profound legacy of teachings. Her deepest wish was for us to become outrageously ourselves and she made it her mission to deliver and serve so we could all start living that truth. It is now up to us to unravel the teachings she left us and truly start living them in our own lives. 

In the wake of her passing, I feel deeply inspired to bring forward some of her core teachings which have impacted me deeply and which I hope will inspire you to take bold action. I offer you this 6 week class series as a way to exalt yourself,  train like a warrior, live your own trance, achieve subtle intelligence, live your creative impact and realise you are the cure, just as she thought me.

See you on the mat!

Now for 90€!

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‘Our practice has the opportunity to become a place where we are so engaged in our own transformation that we hold with us a space for hope, potential, human goodness, compassion, and the energy to become more available to serve others.’

– Guru Jagat

Invincible Treasures

All classes are recorded workshops of live-streams. If you buy the class series you will be given access to a portal with infinite access.


1. Catch the transmission

2. Practice like your hair is on fire

3. Meditation is a civic duty

4. New era womanhood

5. You are the cure

6. Creativity is the crown of self-discovery

Whole series  for 90€!

By buying the full class series you will receive access to a portal with 6 recordings of live-stream workshops. You will have infinite access.

‘Bless this day. This opportunity at human life. Bless your missions. Your beating heart. Putting one foot in from of another. Bless your openness. Your generosity. Your wakefulness. Your fortitude. What got you here. Every sacred step.’

–Guru Jagat

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