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kundalini yoga training

a week long in-depth training in the teachings of kundalini yoga

with Nam Satya and Lauren Grusenmeyer

Kundalini Yoga is an activation of your highest destiny—the most fun, fulfilling, passionate and meaningful version of you, and your life.

We are terribly excited to propose you the very first kundalini yoga training happening at Household Practice given by lead teachers Nam Satya and Lauren Grusenmeyer. Save the date for this 5 day long and jam packed deep-dive into the powerful technology of kundalini yoga. Expect yourself to full days of training, daily sadhana, 
powerful group energy, daily yogic catering suited to your practice and deep practices.

05th July —09th July

at Household Practice, Ghent, Belgium

your teachers

NAM SATYA—is a Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher, creative artisan, mother and former model. She’s the founder of Nam Satya CO—a clothing brand of elevated style—Mothers Are Divine and the DEEPER STUDIES programs.


After more than a decade working in the fashion industry Nam Satya decided to “leave it all behind” and move to Mallorca to study with her spiritual teacher, Guru Jagat, whom she also worked for until Guru Jagat’s passing in 2021.


Nam Satya’s work as a teacher is dedicated to elevating the consciousness of the planet, particularly through helping mothers thrive in pregnancy and motherhood, thereby raising the new generation of kind and conscious children of the Aquarian Age.


Helping you align with your mission in life and bring consciousness to all aspects of it, is at the forefront of Nam Satya’s work as a teacher. You will often hear her ask “what do you want to have a bigger experience of?”, as she whole heartedly believe that consciousness is in the choices that we make. Simple, yet not always easy to follow, and that why we need the tools and technology of Kundalini Yoga, to thrive and get the most possible out of life.


Nam Satya lives in Valldemossa with her son and husband, and has been teaching yoga since 2016, and at RA MA Institute Mallorca since 2018.


LAUREN GRUSENMEYER—is the founder of Household Practice yoga studio where she works and lives with her family. She is a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, an entrepreneur, graphic designer and a personal mentor and coach to many. 


Lauren discovered the impressive power of kundalini yoga after years of practicing yoga, dance and the healing arts. She was amazed by the capacity of the technology and set out for teacher training with her teacher Guru Jagat at Ra Ma Institute. This training became the catalyst for great change in her life and she set out a new direction in deeper alignment with her soul’s path. For the coming years she kept on training intensively all the while birthing two children and starting a new business. Kundalini yoga gave her a set of simple tools to experience great clarity in the middle of life's stresses and gave her life an intense fulfillment. The wealth of lessons she received inspired her to dive deep into this path and share these teachings with as many as possible. 


While kundalini yoga is at the center of Lauren’s practice, she draws from a wide range of experience in many spiritual lineages and embodiment practices such as the tantric arts, bodywork, taoism, shamanism, dance and voice activation.


Lauren believes in the human potential for greatness and believes that with the right tools and practices the layers of disillusion can be shed and a deep soul connection can be forged. From this aligned place anyone can achieve a life of great fulfilment and that is the mission that drives her on the daily.

what is shakti path?

What prohibits you from living a life of consciousness, meaning and legacy? Running after emotional desires, instead of keeping the perspective of deep soul fulfillment. This is how most people live their life, but running after the emotional desires is a sure fast way to feeling insatiable in life. When we keep our eyes on the infinite horizon instead, we align with our destiny and we have enough stamina, energy and determination to go for our goals, mission and leave a legacy.


That is what the Shakti Path is about: having enough energy to make the right choices in life, and align with our purpose, so that we are held, guided and lead to what is right for us at any moment. It gives us direction, so that we can move forward when feeling stuck (depressed, lack of passion, emotional blockages, obstacles etc.), and it gives us a method for unloading the subconscious burden, so that we can feel free from the restricting pattern of our past.


The Shakti Path is the active path to infinity (whereas Bhakti is the passive). Kundalini Yoga is a Shakti Path, meaning this system is designed to support you in becoming everything—lead an active life, be a householder, business owner and have a family, all while offering you a deep deep experience of your infinite soul, that is on par with other spiritual systems that leads to liberation of the soul. 


In this 5 day kundalini training we will set the blue print for your future on the Shakti Path. This blue print is unique to you and where you are right now in life, meaning you can adapt these teachings to your situation and life, whether you are completely new to Kundalini Yoga or you have been practicing for years. 


Staying the course, when we are on a spiritual path, is one of the greatest challenges we will face. Wanting to rebel, jump off, resistance to advance etc. are common. This training will give you the right mindset to overcome your fear of commitment, your ego’s need for control and give you the tools for how to transcend and prevail on the spiritual path, so that you can make it an integrated part of your life, for the rest of your life. 

If it isn’t practical it isn’t spiritual. This is spirituality designed for every day modern life.

sample day

04:00-06:30    Sadhana (optional)
07:00—09:00  Breakfast and relaxation (part of the meal plan)
09:00—11:00    Morning yoga class
11:00—11:30       Break
13:00—14:30     Lunch break 
(part of the meal plan)
14:30—16:00     Lecture and class
16:00—16:30     Break
16:30—17:30      Group meditation

your investment

the training / full amount


optional meal plan


day pass



1. What does the meal plan consist of? The meal plan is a 5 day menu provided by the cafe. It consists of breakfast and lunch, water and yogi tea and it is completely vegetarian. If you would like vegan, let us know by email! It is possible too. We offer this because the training involves sadhana and it is very early in the morning. Afterwards you probably don't have time to go have breakfast, so we offer this. Of course you can also eat à la carte in the café, but not every day and if we are many, it might become very inconvenient. That is why we offer this in advance so that the café can be better prepared. All meals will be suitable for deep yogi practice. Think of oats and fruits for breakfast and soup, salad and healthy sandwiches for lunch.

2. Do I need a lot of experience for this training? This training is a deep dive into the technology and teachings of kundalini yoga and offers deep practices. It is recommended that you have taken at least a few kundalini yoga classes. However, you can absolutely join as a beginner. The training will gracefully guide you into the practice and the direct application of it on your life. That is why we also encourage beginners to join.

3. Is this a teacher training? We believe kundalini yoga is a technology to be experienced and applied to your life. It is a path which involves practice, application and life long learning. With that experience comes deeper insight and from there teachers arise. This training is not an accredited teacher training nor does it has that intention. However, we believe deep practice, intentional commitment and connection to the lineage make a true teacher. Not necessarily a certificate. That being said, this training will provide you with plenty of tools to share the teachings once you have integrated them yourself. We will spend time on the fundamentals of teaching kundalini yoga. If this is something which is calling you, we gladly welcome you.

4. I am not from Ghent, can I stay somewhere in the area? Since we are a little bit outside of the city center we advise you to have a look on Airbnb for accomodation around the studio. There are several good options as well as a few hotels.

5. Can I pay in pieces? You can pay the whole amount in two or three pieces. As long as you pay the whole amount before the training starts. See the periodic payment plans above.

If it isn’t practical it isn’t spiritual. This is spirituality designed for every day modern life.

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